Benefits of DIY Computers

DIY Computers are fun to build and maintain.  There are many reasons why people build their own computers. Some do it because it’s cheaper, and some take the DIY computer route simply because they enjoy building computers from the ground up. Here are some of the benefits of building your own computer.

Custom Build For You - No one knows what you need better than you do.  Often with pre-built computers you have to sacrifice some aspect of your computing needs in the name of price.  Or you end up paying for, and getting way more computer than you need because you needed a boost in one area, such as the graphics card.  If you do it yourself, you get exactly what you want or what you need for a price that tends to beat that which you will find in an off-the-shelf computer, which brings us to our next point;

DIY Computers are Cheaper - This point is debatable, but in general, with some shopping savvy, you can build a cheap computer that outperforms the same priced computer you’d find in a store.  While large companies have volume purchasing power that allows them to get components rather cheaply, they are not volume-purchasing the best components.  In addition, they obviously need to mark up that premium to make a profit, in addition to paying for the labor to build the computer.  Building your own computer allows you to purchase quality components direct from the reseller or manufacturer, eliminating the middle-man from the process.

OS Freedom - When you build your own system, you have the freedom to install whatever OS you’d like.  You are not bound to whatever OS comes with a pre-made computer.  Pre-built computers often come with components that are only compatible with the OS (generally Windows) that they come with.  If you build your own computer, you are free to run a Linux environment because you can choose compatible components.

DIY Computer Repairs Become Easier – It’s not really that the repair process itself is easier, but if you build your computer from the ground up, you have a much better idea of the inner working of the system.  If something goes wrong, you’ll be able to troubleshoot the issue better than if you’d bought the computer, and have never opened it up.  This educational experience also gives you a better grasp of the components and their compatibilities, allowing you to upgrade easier.  You’ll be more aware of what your computer can handle, what you need, and how to go about installing new components.

There are many reasons why building your own computer might be beneficial, however it is not for everyone.  While it doesn’t require exceptional skill to build a computer, it does require an ability to research, and tinker with electronic parts until things work properly.  You also don’t have the benefit of warranties and technical support that comes with a pre-made PC.  If you like to investigate the inner workings of things, and are looking to add a new skill your repertoire, then a diy computer might be for you.

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